• System integrator

    Our company has a solid portfolio of solutions. The company implements "turnkey" technically complex projects in the field of computer and telecommunication technologies

  • Information Security

    The accumulated competencies and client-oriented approach allow us to carry out complex projects, including the implementation of information security solutions with their mutual integration and analytical component.

  • Software

    Our excellent knowledge of volume licensing programs allows us to minimize our customers' costs.

  • Consulting services

    The main resource of the company is a well-coordinated team of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in practical work in the field of information technology.

    A common question which is asked when meeting with us is: “What does your company do?”

    What would we like to say in response to it?

    Perhaps we should start with the fact that we outline the subject areas that are of main interest to us. Three of them are the creation and improvement of data transmission networks, the protection of information assets, the modeling and programming of information infrastructures. We study tools – mechanisms and protocols, try to understand what problem they were created to solve, how they work, the conditions and methods of their use, what results can be expected from their application in specific conditions. This is our „homework”.

    When working in the „field” with the customer the most important thing is to understand the problem that actually needs to be solved. From our point of view, the same understanding of the task both by us and the customer has a decisive influence on the result.

    If we formulate the answer to the question briefly, then our company is engaged in transforming the acquired knowledge into the best result for the customer.

    Our solutions

    Industries We Serves

    We always try to get with the times as this is the main goal and wish of our customers.

    We believe it’s why our company is in demand in such industries as Capital Markets, Higher Education, Health and Banking

    Capital Markets

    Higher Education

    Health Department

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    Application Security


    DDoS Defenses



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