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Our company, carrying out its activities, seeks to fully satisfy the needs of customers on the basis of such a level of organization of product supply and service provision, which minimizes defects and deviations from world, state and corporate standards. All products supplied by Promotex comply with international quality requirements. Products are supplied from manufacturers with international quality certificates ISO 9001.


The goals of Promotex in the field of quality control are:

– achieving, maintaining and striving for continuous improvement of the quality of our work, aimed at the full satisfaction of the Customer’s needs;
– ensuring confidence of the Customer and other interested parties that all products and services meet the requirements for them.

We proceed from the fact that:

– the customer always strives to obtain such products and services that will satisfy it needs;
– quality control of the services and products provided is carried out at all stages of project implementation – from the initial determination of the Customer’s requirements, development of technical specifications, technical design, equipment supply, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty support, training of technical personnel.

The main technological operations for quality control of the services and products provided include:

– incoming control (absence of damage, compliance with the order, complete set);
– control inclusion and installation of configuration parameters;
– testing and technological run;
– packing.

The supplied products are subject to incoming control both for compliance with the order specification, for completeness of delivery, and are subjected to testing and control of individual subsystems and the system as a whole;

– quality is achieved, among other things, by carrying out the work of technical personnel to prevent problems from arising or to identify them at the stage of technical design or testing.

IT Technology

Quality control process

The process of quality control of the services and products provided requires the availability of highly qualified personnel to carry out projects of any level and complexity. We strive to ensure that the Customer’s personnel are able to competently approach the issues of operation and maintenance of the equipment received. For these purposes, we conduct training courses for the training of the Customer’s personnel.

Due to the presence of our own technical center, qualified personnel, access to the technical centers of manufacturers, we can simulate the operation of the network on our own laboratory stand, check the operability of the equipment, upgrade its software, and train specialists.

The availability of our own replacement stock of equipment allows us to replace equipment that has failed in time in accordance with the requirements of the Customer, as well as to supply equipment for testing at the request of our Customers.