Computer hardware & software

At the heart of any IT infrastructure is hardware. Promotex has everything you need to build the foundation of the infrastructure of an enterprise of any level of complexity. Our solutions allow you to reduce costs through high-quality service and an integrated approach to building an IT infrastructure.

As part of complex projects, we carry out a full cycle of work, including the examination and development of documentation, the design and implementation of hardware, and the provision of technical support.

Hardware categories:

Traditional supply of „software” and „iron”

Promotex offers the supply of software and hardware through the usual purchase of licenses and hardware. As a rule, the transaction is preceded by consultations and selection of the best product. Promotex technical specialists will help you to effectively put the purchased solutions into operation.

We are well aware of the needs and specifics of large corporate customers, for whom information technology is inseparable from business, and failure in IT is absolutely unacceptable. We provide the highest level of reliability, flexibility and can offer the best delivery terms.

Customers in the SMB segment would like to use enterprise-level technologies, but at a reasonable price. We can give them this opportunity.

Modest funding or budgeting peculiarities of educational and non-profit organizations often hinder the full implementation of modern technologies. Knowing the special conditions for licensing and supplying „software” allows us to overcome these obstacles